Our Sires

Khan is our standard Poodle and is simply an amazing dog. He has proven through his personality, characteristics, and health testing that he is worthy of having offspring <3 Genetically tested clear/non-carrier of all diseases through Embark. He is scheduled for his cardiac and thyroid OFA's in June. Not only is Khan the perfect size for standard Aussiedoodles at 57 lbs, his personality is amazing. Very calm, intelligent, empathetic, and intuitive. Wonderful with all people. I have never met a person who doesn't love him immediately. Here is his Embark link:



Joker is our standard sized Australian Shepherd. He is a beautiful minimal white blue merle and is right at 55 lbs. Joker is a working dog on the farm. With a medium prey drive and energy level he is the perfect sire for our standard aussiedoodles. He is genetically tested through Embark as well and is a carrier of DM only. OFA Hips/Knees/Elbows are back and are all Good/Normal. Here is his Embark link:



Negan is our Miniature Poodle and is our sire for miniature Aussiedoodles. He is a beautiful blue merle phantom and is1 12 lbs. Negan has an absolutely lovely personality and never meets a stranger. He is genetically tested through Embark and OFA cardiac and thyroid are scheduled for June. Here is his Embark link: