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Our Aussiedoodle puppies are raised in house and underfoot. They are socialized daily with humans, animals, and typical household noises. All of our litters are seen two times by our vet of over a decade. They are checked for irregularities in eyes, ears, mouth, heart, lungs, and intestinal issues. We worm puppies regularly with the most up to date dosages and given an early Neopar shot and then combo shots at the appropriate ages. We also microchip before they leave and start crate and potty training. Raised with ESI and ENS we send our puppies home with the highest chances of an easy integration into their new families!

Our pricing ranges from $1200-4500 depending on the litter and breeding rights. Deposits are $500 and are nonrefundable and can be accepted in cash, PayPal, and Venmo. Deposits are transferable only up until the puppy is four weeks. After that the deposits can not be transferred. The balance for your puppy must be paid in cash at time of pickup unless we are shipping the puppy to you. In that case, the balance for your puppy must be paid through Venmo before they are handed off to the Flight Nanny. We do charge an additional $100 when shipping due to associated costs.

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